2019 Gift Guide



Hand-made in Charleston, polished down to a nonstick surface, and pre-seasoned, these are the ultimate iron skillets. I use mine almost everyday. A handmade item makes for a unique gift! 

PAsta roller

Pasta Roller

Take your spaghetti night to the next level and roll your own pasta! The kitchenAid pasta roller attachment is such a fun tool to have for the adventurous chef and so easy to use!

SOus vide 2

Sous Vide

I love my Sous Vide and use it frequently. This particular one is really great because of the bluetooth function. It links directly to an app on your phone and allows you to monitor water temp from afar...brilliant!

Immersion blender picture

All-Clad Immersion Blender

Save time and dishes and blend your soups/sauces straight in the pot they were cooked in. A must have for the soup lovers. This one is great because of the wireless function, no chords needed!

Ice Cream Maker

Lopie Auto
Ice Cream Maker

Every summer, all summer. This ice cream maker is no salt, no ice, just pour in liquid and 30 minutes later you have soft serve, it's incredible. A bit pricey, but if you love to experiment with new ice cream flavors like me its totally worth it and it is such a fun, unexpected gift!


Nespresso Machine

Not really a chef tool but one of my favorite things on the kitchen counter. A press of a button in the morning and you have a hot, delicious cappuccino, no frothing required. It's like a Keurig for an espresso drink. A great gift for the coffee lover.

Butterball fryer

Electric Fryer

We are using this fryer by Butterball at Thanksgiving and because we love it so much. It sits on your countertop, is easy to clean, and will fry a 14lb turkey with no problem. Potatoes, shrimp, and chicken have also gone into mine and come out golden and delicious. A really great, non-messy frying option.

Salt grinders 2

Urban Noon
Auto Salt Grinder

Auto salt and pepper grinders are a really useful tool in the kitchen. There are plenty of brands with great reviews on Amazon however I liked the look of these, very sleek. The gift box is a nice touch, too!

Chef knife

Shun Premier 
Chef Knife

A chef knife is something every serious chef should have in their kitchen. A SHARP chef knife. This is the knife I am currently using and loving. A tad bit lighter than others, this design has made a big difference in my knife skills and I am pretty particular about my knives. Most high-end kitchen stores will allow you to test knives before purchase if you want to find the perfect one!


Butane Torch

Céme Brûleé anyone? This is a great "I will never buy for myself but would love to have gift." You never realize how much you would use it for. Desserts, charing your roasted chicken for a "glow", torching merengue for that just out of the oven pie, so many fun options. There are plenty of well reviewed brands on Amazon however I personally have this one and love it. 

JOhn Folse Final

A Great

John Folse is a chef and restaurant owner in Lousiana. He is also considered an expert in Cajun Creole cuisine. His Encyclopedia cookbook is a huge staple in my recipe collection and I turn to it a lot. Bonus, because of the size it makes a great coffee table book, too!

Food Saver

Food Saver
Vacuum Sealer

I hate throwing away food and this is a great solution to that. I save everything, even vegetable scraps for stocks, by vacuum sealing and then freezing. It guarantees me that I will always have something fresh to cook. Even when the pantry is running low, the freezer is always full.